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Body Piercing Course Birmingham

Body Piercing Course Birmingham

Body Piercing Course at Dark Arts Tattoo


We have found that the piercing courses are virtually non-existent or very expensive and also there is a huge reluctance of some existing piercers to share their knowledge and skills. Here at Dark Arts we are keen to share our experience at a cost that we feel meets all budgets.

We are pleased to announce our 2, 1 day piercing courses for £600 each, or both for £1000. The first course deals with the various types of body piercings and placements above the waist, hygiene and sterilization, use of equipment and instruments, materials, jewellery and various grades. and the second, Advance body piercing deals with advance techniques, blade needle, genital piercings, surface piercings, Microdermal anchors and skin divers.

After successfully completing the Course, all students will be awarded a certificate from Dave at Dark Arts, there is also no final exam to take and therefore there is no possibility of anyone failing the course.




Unemployed? On Jobseekers Allowance? You may be able to get funding from the Princes trust or various other organisations.


The course will include your certificate, a how to pierce guide book written by your trainers, and a full start up piercing kit.


At Dark Arts we believe in training aftercare and we are offering a unique opportunity included in the cost of this course.

After your training you can keep in touch with your trainer by phone who will be available if you need a chat or some guidance, and also you can arrange to come back into the studio with any clients if you feel you need further guidance or support whilst piercings, we are happy to guide you as long as you require.

Prospective employers can contact us for a reference should you need one.



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Body Piercing Course Birmingham

We are Dark Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing, an excellent fully equipped tattoo and body piercing studio in Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. Our studio offers a body piercing course and body piercing lessons. If you are interested, contact us today for more information.

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Our highly trained and professional body piercing staff run an excellent body piercing course that will give you the training and experience that you are looking for. If you would like body piercing lessons, then look no further than our excellent studio. You will benefit from the experience of our professional staff.

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Whether you want your ear or tongue pierced, our tattoo and body piercing studio have the skill and expertise you are looking for. For a body piercing course and body piercing lessons that will give you the start that you need, come to our studio. Dark Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing: your first choice for the body piercing and body piercing lessons in Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands.